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  • IABS is amazing. I just completed an antiracism training and I am so impressed. I have learned so much that has impacted my work

  • This workshop challenged my thinking and equipped me with the skills to put what I learned about counterstorying telling into practice

    Karina Curley
  • Thank you to Dr. Ebun Joseph for providing me with so many insights into the Antiracism Practice. This course has provided such a solid background for me to engage in antiracist conversations at work and in my personal life and has taught me so much about my own background and about white fragility. I have found it very valuable to partake and would love to join again for a more in-depth learning experience on some of the topics discussed

    Kwint Jansen
  • To mark International Women’s Day 2022 and support our Athena SWAN self-assessment process, Dr Ebun Joseph gave an introductory workshop on intersectionality to staff and students at the Institute of Art, Design + Technology (IADT), Dún Laoghaire. We sought to take the first steps to raise awareness and develop intersectionality practices in the college. The session provided an informative overview of the
    intersection of race and gender and how it is reflected in everyday lives and conflicts in society. At times, the discussion was uncomfortable but absolutely necessary for the education of a campus community that is majority white. The pacing was excellent. Dr Joseph’s seamless transitions between conceptual discussion and examples of the urgency of intersectionality in the higher education sector and beyond were something to strive for. 
    Claire McGing
    Equality, Diversity + Inclusion Manager/Athena SWAN Chair, IADT Dún Laoghaire, Dublin
  • I am very happy to recommend your training as someone who participated in the online training in 2020 and again as part of the museum wide training at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dr Ebun Joseph and her colleagues were informed and passionate in the delivery of the key learning modules and empowered me as a student to develop a greater understanding of the current issues regarding Anti Racism and an introduction to Black Studies.

    Helen O’Donoghue

    Helen O’Donoghue
    Senior Curator Head of Engagement & Learning Programmes
  • The Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies are asking some of the most important questions in Ireland today. They do so with a deep academic, professional and personal grounding which allows participants to explore these questions in such a way that will leave your organisation changed for the better. I wholeheartedly endorse their work and would encourage others to join them in their journey.
    Richard Carson
    CEO, ACET Ireland
Learn how you want, where you want

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To become an Antiracist, we have to be taught. Just like we cannot have fully trained doctors if we do not train them, we cannot have a society of antiracist if we do not train people to be antiracist.

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Join our community of students around the world helping you to become an antiracist and an ally.

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