Dr David Nyaluke


About David

Dr David Nyaluke is UCD-Proudly Made in Africa Fellow in Business and Sustainable Development in Africa. Dr Nyaluke holds a PhD from Dublin City University (DCU). His doctoral thesis investigated trajectories of political and development transformation of African states from independence into the 21st Century. David was a Teaching Fellow for International Development at Kimmage Development Studies Centre and Maynooth University, focusing on the role of business, NGOs and state in development and on Africa and the international system. With a research focus on development in African states, he has presented at several conferences, including the 2014 Cape town special symposium to mark 20 years of South Africa’s end of apartheid and return to democracy. David is published in many journals and contributes regular reviews on African political and development issues. His most recent Routledge co-publication is the 2019- Challenging Perceptions of Africa in Schools:Critical Approaches to Global Justice Education