Dr Ebun Joseph
Dr Ebun Joseph

Dr Ebun joseph is a Race relations consultant, lecturer Black Studies, Director Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies and Chairperson, African Scholars Association Ireland (AFSAI).

History of IABS

Our Promise: Providing theoretical and culturally grounded Antiracist training solutions to individuals, businesses (corporate institutions) and non governmental organisations, required to effectively manage difference in the workplace. We support organisations by equipping individuals with the information,

The courses and workshops provided by IABS were developed from over 14 years experience of working with and interviewing workers from migrant descent and people on the margins in society about inclusive workplaces and authentic acceptance. In 2018 Dr Ebun Joseph, became the first to offer a Black Studies credit bearing module in any third level institution in Ireland. IABS is extending this pivotal course to reach businesses and organisations interested in educating themselves on the Black diaspora and tackling anti-Black racism in the workplace and society. In 2020, IABS also successfully offered a series of antiracism webinars and taster courses in Black Studies.

As many organisations seek to make the workplace more diverse and inclusive of difference, anti-Black racism is a global pandemic we can no longer ignore. The Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies IABS is focused on tackling anti-Black racism, transforming the Eurocentric curriculum and harnessing the knowledge of people with lived experience of racism to drive the change for inclusive work spaces, schools and society. The Director of IABS, lecturers and presenters on the different course are regularly invited to speak at student and staff organised events about antiracism, allyship, decolonising the narrative, tackling anti-Black racism and the way the African continent and its descendants at home and in the diasporas are stereotyped.