Career Consulting Services

Ebun Joseph is a career and skilled consultant with over 15 years of experience helping
career-driven people advance their careers in a variety of fields.

One of her most pertinent degrees is a Master’s in Adult Guidance Counselling, which has
given her the theoretical knowledge and practical skills she needs to provide clients with
career guidance at all stages of adulthood while remaining reflective.

Psychometric testing levels A and B, identifying skills gaps, obstacles to employment, interest inventories, and professional training and accreditation as an IACP counsellor since  2011 are additional qualifications she has and drawn from to excel in similar roles.

She is also well-versed in the opportunities and challenges the educational environment can present to students at all levels of education thanks to my doctoral education.

Through her various Bespoke Coaching Programs, Ebun offers a special chance to give meaning to your Career and Business, Relationships. You will be able to set and consistently achieve all your personal, team, and/or organisational goals if you are equipped with some



Searching for a new position or making an effort to put yourself in a favourable position on
the job market? Do you want to know how to respond using the right words during an
interview process properly? The following is for you:
– CV writing
– Acing your Interviews/ mock and practice interviews and
– Understanding the recruitment process
– Personal statement development
– Cover letter development
– LinkedIn profile development

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Corporate Clients & Schools

Are you an individual trying to advance your career? Are you trying to give your employees
the mindset they need to take your business/brand to the next level? Want to increase your
emotional intelligence or foster communication? This is for you:
– Training
– How to develop the winning CV
– Tips for acing your interviews
– Understanding the Irish job market
– Confidence and communication skills for the workplace
– Emotional intelligence for the workplace
– Increasing your competitiveness
– Pathways for career success
– Digital skills for networking and job searches
– Developing a career action plan
– Understanding your personality and interest finder

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More Information

Ebun has transformed the lives of individuals, organisations, and nation states by using her mastery of language to motivate action.

Her goal is to develop individuals into super-achievers and answerable leaders, corporate entities into global market leaders and responsible corporate citizens.

Ebun has over 15 years of experience in training, public speaking, career, and life coaching.
She is currently employed by UCD as a career and skills consultant, where arts, humanities, and social sciences make up most of her caseload.

In this position, she had great success interacting with the heads of schools, who allowed her to present customised workshops for students to rave reviews.

Similar to this, in her more than 9 years of experience working for Business in a Community inn Ireland as a training and employment officer, she consistently achieved a caseload-based client progression rate of over 75%. She built strong connections with a variety of employers, recruiters, and colleges while serving in that capacity, enhancing the organization’s business strategy and the employability opportunities for its clients.
She also consistently demonstrated excellence in helping clients identify their career objectives, identify effective CVs, and interview strategies, and find the drive to set and pursue their goals. Her LinkedIn profile demonstrates that she has received numerous recommendations for training, career counselling, and research.
She has created a thriving coaching service where she offers a variety of seminars and addon packages on employability, career direction, academic excellence, entrepreneurship, idea generation, and public speaking. This is all done in the interest of providing a bespoke  service for clients.

Her 30 motivational training classes per year at BITC, where she used these skills, consistently received the highest rating on the training evaluation.
With the information above, you can be sure to land your first job after Ebon has reviewed your resume and CV or know the best course of action for your career