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To become an Antiracist, we have to be taught. Just like we cannot have fully trained doctors if we do not train them, we cannot have a society of antiracist if we do not train people to be antiracist. Similarly, to understand the lives and experiences of people of African descent, we need a non -Eurocentric understanding of Africa and its descendants

Our courses are carefull designed to fit into the busy schedule of participants and as modules for colleges. Here is the list below:

  • Introduction to Black Studies.
  • Antiracism training for the workplace
  • Introduction to Africana Studies
  • Certificate in intersectionality - race and gender
  • Certificate in Counter-storytelling
  • CDP

Dr Ebun Joseph

Dr Ebun joseph is a Race relations consultant, lecturer Black Studies, Director Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies and Chairperson, African Scholars Association Ireland (AFSAI).