Dr Ebun Joseph

Dr Ebun Joseph

Diversity and Race Relations Consultant

Director Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies, Race relations consultant, Lecturer Black Studies and Chairperson, African Scholars Association Ireland (AFSAI).



Dr. Ebun Joseph is a race relations consultant and Director Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies. She was a Teaching Fellow at Trinity College Dublin where she taught the undergraduate module on race, ethnicity and Identity and on the Master’s programme, where she developed and taught the module on Intersectionality of race and gender. She developed the first module in Black Studies and critical race theory in Education at University College Dublin. Ebun holds the position of Career Development Consultant at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and she previously worked with Business in the Community Ireland for over nine years as Training and Employment Officer. Dr Joseph has a PhD in Equality Studies (2015) jointly supervised by the UCD School of Social Justice (then named) and the School of Sociology. She has an M.Ed. in Adult Guidance and Counselling from Maynooth University; an IACP accredited diploma in Professional Counselling and a B.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of Benin.

She focused her PhD dissertation, titled ‘Racial Stratification in the Irish labour market’ on workforce experiences. Ebun is also an author; TV panellist, Columnist for the Dublin Inquirer on race, Chairperson of African Scholars Association Ireland (AfSAI) and an equality activist. With a research focus on Labour markets and race relations, she has presented at several conferences, businesses, non-profits and as Keynote.

Ebun is published and contributes regular responses on contemporary issues of race and racism in Ireland. Her recent 2020 book is titled, Racial stratification in Ireland: A Critical race theory of labour market inequality with Manchester University press. She also co-authored the book, Challenging Perceptions of Africa in Schools: Critical Approaches to Global Justice Education with Routledge in Dec, 2019.

Ebun recently launched the #NoToBrainWaste Campaign which highlights the barriers faced by under-employed and over-qualified migrants and Irish-born ethnic minorities.