Privacy Policy

IABS Services Acceptable Usage Policy – Summary

To safeguard individuals and to ensure the integrity and reliability of information services, IABS has a number of Use Policies. These are designed to ensure that IABS can offer the widest possible range of services to its community.

The policies are not intended to limit the use of the School’s information services. Nothing that follows in this document attempts to limit academic freedom

Your privacy

IABS is committed to maintaining your privacy. You should be aware that records are kept of usage and could be made available in accordance with the relevant policies and external legal or regulatory requirements.

Usage limits
In general, the computer resources of the University may not be used for:
• Illegal acts
• Activities in breach of University policies
• Personal commercial activity unless specifically authorised.
Only staff of the University, registered students or other approved users may make use of the University’s information services that are not available to the general public. Unauthorised use may lead to internal disciplinary action or investigation by external authorities.

Terms & conditions
The following highlight a number of areas that you must pay particular attention to:

Irish law
Your access to the Institute’s information systems and services is subject to Irish law. Users are required to familiarise themselves with Irish law in all areas that apply to their role in the University.


Access rights
You may be provided with accounts and passwords or other credentials to permit access to the Institute’s information services. You must take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised use of such accounts.
In addition, you must ensure, in so far as practicable, that information systems and data for which you are responsible are not used for unauthorised purposes.
Advice and practical help is available to help safeguard data, systems and computer equipment.

Security and viruses
You must take reasonable care to ensure that you do not transmit viruses or other malicious computer code to other users. The University provides guidelines and practical help to all users to protect their computers. If you suspect that IABS data, systems or services have been abused or otherwise compromised, for example by a virus, you must notify IT Services immediately. You must also take reasonable steps to ensure that the impacted system is isolated from networks and other systems.

Indecency, libel and privacy
It is not acceptable to view, download, transmit or store any offensive, indecent images or material. Nor is it acceptable to attempt to access any systems, data or records for which you are not authorised.
You may not use the University’s information services to publish or transmit anything that is libellous or defamatory or is damaging to another computer system. Neither may you deliberately misrepresent your views as those of the University or any other person or organisation. Such action will be regarded as a serious disciplinary matter.

Licencing of software
All software installed and used on the Institute’s computer systems, including stand-alone computers, must be appropriately licensed. Where Institute site licenses permit off-campus use and/or personal use, you must adhere to the terms and conditions of such licenses.

Data & data protection
Data and information are stored on the Institute’s systems. If you have access to or are responsible for such data, you must ensure that the integrity, accessibility, accuracy and confidentially of such data are maintained. If you keep personal data on others you must comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Acts (1988-2003 as may be amended). You must also be aware that the Freedom of the Information Act (1997-2003 as may be amended) applies to records held in any format.

Penalties & agreement
A failure to abide by this Policy may result in being denied access to services as well as other proceedings.

This Policy on Information Technology Services Acceptable Use Policy supersedes all previous policies on acceptable information services use and will be amended from time to time as required. Any user of University information services is deemed to have made themselves aware of these policies.